New Members Are Always Welcome!


As a member of HWC you can give back directly to our community, make lasting friendships with women who share your interest in community service, and develop new skills!

The club is open to all women, 18 and older, residing in Hebron or neighboring towns. Annual dues are $20.  All members are asked to make a conscientious effort to attend regular club meetings in order to fully participate and foster friendship and teamwork .

There are many ways to get involved with HWC and we likely have something that fits with your interests, talents, and schedule. You can volunteer to help plan or execute various fundraising events and activities as suits your interests. If you are looking for a leadership opportunity, you can help by serving as a club officer.  And in the process of all this, you can make lasting friendships!

Live in Hebron, Andover, Columbia or Marlborough?

The Hebron Women’s Club is now offering membership to ladies 18 and older who live in the towns of Andover, Columbia, and Marlborough as well as those who live in Hebron.  The club is welcoming new members from all these towns as it is looking to expand its focus beyond Hebron and work on community service projects and goals that are mutually beneficial to this general area. 
The Hebron Women’s Club, a proud member of Connecticut Junior Women (CJW), is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization made up of a lively group of women with diverse backgrounds who combine their time, talents, and energy toward organizing events for fundraising and service to benefit local agencies and societal needs. There are also member activities for pure fun and friendship. 

HWC President Mary Rose states that “Our club already supports many of the shared services utilized by the towns of Hebron, Andover, Columbia, and Marlborough, such as AHM Youth and Family Services, RHAM High School, and the local food banks.  As we now look to expand our focus to a more regional one, we feel having members from these other communities would allow us to gain insights as to how we can best serve the needs of our collective area and what projects would be most  beneficial. Widening our membership area also will give us additional woman power to accomplish these things. There are currently no active women’s clubs in the other 3 towns, so membership in the club can provide an outlet for those women who may be looking to serve the community as a way of making a difference. Volunteering for community service is more important than ever as cut backs in social service and education funding continue.“
Rose continued, “We concentrate our efforts on projects and activities that our members feel passionate about.  Our focus changes as new community needs arise or as our interests change.  And the club isn’t just all work and no play. We have activities and events just for fun and to enjoy spending time together in friendship. We are a very casual and welcoming group.” 
Alice Marien, 26 year member of the club, shared that “I have seen how our club focus changes over time, just like now as we look to broaden our area of service.  We’ve tackled projects as large as fundraising for a new fire truck and as small as giving appreciation gifts to our school bus drivers. We encourage new members to share their ideas and passions and are always looking for ways to keep our enthusiasm fresh. That’s why I’ve been in the club so long.  That, and the friendships I’ve made. Just for fun, we’ve done things like group paint nights, denim and diamonds potluck dinner, museum outings, and plays. We have fun along the way as we work toward our community service goals.” 
Club treasurer Rebecca Scorso shares that “Our club pledge is To Grow, Share, Give, and Care.  We try to foster all these actions in our club life. We encourage members to grow in leadership and in knowledge of social issues. We share our talents and our ideas. We give our time and energy toward community projects. We care about those in need, about our planet, and about each other.”
The Hebron Women’s Club has been active in community service since 1969. Over the years, the club has taken on projects such as supporting various programs at AHM Youth and Family Services,  painting and other activities at the Holy Family shelter, cooking St. Patrick’s Day lunch at the senior center, serving at area soup kitchens, helping with Project Graduation, and supporting local families in need. The club is a member of the Connecticut Junior Women, Inc. which is composed of about 1,500 women from all walks of life throughout the state. Currently there are over 30 clubs in the state. 
Rose continued “If you are a woman over 18 residing in Andover, Hebron, Marlborough or Columbia and you would like to see what we're about, please feel free to attend one of our meetings.  We typically meet the fourth Tuesday of each month from September through June. Our meetings are usually held at 7:30 p.m. at the AHM Youth and Family services building, 25 Pendleton Dr., Hebron, CT. Or you can contact Diana Wursthorn at 

We’d love to have you join us!

Please feel free to attend a club meeting, typically held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (Sept – June), 7:30 pm at AHM.  Or contact our membership chair for more information.  


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